Welcome to our community
a family like no other

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re familiar with church or just want to explore faith.

Our Church

We are a vibrant and multi-ethnic community that also gathers during the week on the teaching and the life of Jesus Christ.

Our church believes in real friendships where you belong and can grow in many life aspects. No matter what background you come from and what season in life you are in right now – whether you are new to faith, just settled in Melbourne, a student or a young family with children – we have a place for you in our church family and there is someone who can connect with you.

We’re passionate to get to know you and help connect you with God as well as our wider family. Together we can bring positive influence to our society and the rest of the world!


A place where kids and teenagers meet with new friends and experience Jesus Christ! Our committed teachers are devoted to nurturing our younger generation and future leaders in loving God and others.

We have special programs tailored for children at different age groups, from children play groups to pre-teens and Bible study for teenagers. For young kids, Sunday Church is packed with simple Bible stories with related art & craft activities, singing and dancing.

With the pre-teens and teenagers we build their faith foundation and nurture godly friendship that will allow them to discover their God-given destiny. Our ministries are based on biblical teaching in developing godly character and a lifestyle to raise them up to be Jesus’ followers and future leaders that will positively impact their surroundings for Christ.


958 High Street Road, Glen Waverley 

Discipleship Training

Sundays at 6:00 PM

Phone Number

(+61) 402 124 037